Mar 2, 2008

Dubai aka Atlantis v2.0

It's settled! I'm moving to the future as soon as I can possibly gather the funds to book my flight. Dubai reminds me of the dramatic cityscapes of the cyberpunk genre: supercities graphically rendered with shoddy 1980's architecture software. Then again, until it is fully realized, that's exactly what it will continue to be. I predict that Dubai will be the backdrop of neo-cyberpunk works both literary and cinematic. It's the perfect dystopian wonderland. Lets just cross our fingers and hope this city isn't sunk into the Arabian Sea by its builders' hubris.

1 comment:

Joshua said...

Oh how I love that you used cyberpunk. I'm trying to make cyberpunk fetch. HAHA. Dubai is going to be crazy, all the new buildings their putting in, SO AMAZING!