Feb 18, 2008

da Vinci

The left side of my brain always trips up the right. I want to teach myself to mirror-write. Here's what I figure: mirror-writing will help bridge the hemispheres of my brain and make bicameral thought processes easier.

If I can dissolve hemispheric dominance so that both halves work together fluidly an equally, I am effectively slowing time to a standstill because I'll be processing information more quickly -- right? There will be more hours in the day for me to enjoy! I'll be an Alaskan summer! What are the chances I'll develop dyslexia along the way? That's sorta like a standstill.


nate said...

hey this is the read headed kid from myspace, nathaniel el comrade.
i like this, a lot.

Molly said...

were you watching project runway...?
that weirdo lady was talking about writing backwards. She's crazy though.