Apr 22, 2008

Sacred Cow

I may or may not be delusional, but I've been thinking lately: in a perfect world -- or mine at least -- everything would be exactly as it is.

Blogspot, to me, is inexplicably anti-LJ (that's LiveJournal for all you Internet plebeians). Everything about the Blogspot blogosphere (gag) is critically base. On purpose. Blogspot stands to be the hub of the individual rather than a place for community. Blogspot is like a summer home or cabin timeshare you can use whenever the need should present itself because it's an escape where any reputation you've built for yourself -- willfully or otherwise -- can be eluded. No one reads this! God. I just fucking watched "Juno", and I constantly catch myself wanting to say, "honest to Blog" to convey the utmost honesty I possibly can.

Anyway. I know nobody and some people will read and/or view this. It just needed an update.

Having a crush is always the most uncomfortable state of being. All that bullshit of, "It's not real unless there are butterflies" is such... well, bullshit. Every time I feel myself crushing, I pray that my skin constricts so the essence of my being can pour out of every orifice of my physical body. I just don't feel like myself when I like somebody so I've been looking into spiritual paths of enlightenment that require celibacy.

I downloaded the leak of Madonna's Hard Candy and I need to shampoo my hair in the morning.

I've started a project to fold 999 paper cranes. Origami paper is so expensive it should be illegal. Expensive paper that isn't resume paper makes me feel bougie. Resume paper makes me feel bougie too because I've never had a job. My life is sickeningly upper-crust. Admitting as much is all too embarrassing.

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Maike Hemmers said...

.. just that you know somebody has read your article!
I like the ways you write. It's funny.